Shirt Pocket Amplification System: Mic, Cord, Amp

This a great way to get use to jamming, and while it may not be the rig you use when BB calls you up on stage, every inch is quality. First all, the mic. It is Jim McBrides Bottle of Blues mic, made out of a spice bottle, includes an on and off and volume switch, is easy to cup, and comes with a cord. 

Next up is your Smoky Amp which is the size of a pack of cigarettes, and is a powerful little thing. Battery operated, with a line out. All together, your shirt pocket system will get started on amplified practice and playing, and also provide with a quality mic and mini amp. If you're are going to play amplified, you need to practice amplified. The Smokie is great for no- hassle amplified practice. Used with the mic of your choice, it gives an amazingly powerful distortion and volume, yet it doesn't hiss, or hum, or throw your back out when you put it in your car! It has a line-in, and a line out, a 9-volt battery, and sounds great on its own, or as distorter into your amp or pa. They used to make them out of cigarette boxes, but now use strong, clear plastic. You will love your Smokey Amp.

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