Rock n' Blues Harmonica Book with 73 Minute CD 2010 Revised!

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2010 Edition --More Comprehensive, More Crazy than Ever!  

Rock n' Blues Harmonica 224 Page book and 73- Minute CD Jamming Buddy  

Inspired by the ideas that most music instruction is boring and irrelevant to most people most of the time, and that to be effective, music instruction should be like music itself, flowing and artful, Rock n' Blues Harmonica teaches improvisational music harmony 101 and every important harmonica technique in a way that communicates to even the most theory phobic, instruction hating, eyes closed. "leave me alone I'm jamming" harp player. 

THE 224 PAGE BOOK INCLUDES: Choosing your harmonica, first sounds, getting sweet tone, playing chords, playing single notes, basic blues riffs, I IV V progressions, bending, tongue blocking, octaves and splits, vibrato, headshakes, mics and amps, positions one to six plus pos. twelve, reed tuning, famous songs played cross harp and much more.

The audio index tells you the key of harmonica you need to jam with the great blues recordings.

It's also funny as hell, using  stories and cartoons to help make it all sink home.

THE STEREO, 73 MINUTE CD JAMMING BUDDY: Jon teaches and plays every major harp technique over an easy-jamming, blues-band background for your C harp. Turn off the instruction to hear only the band. Turn off the band to hear only the instruction. This fully indexed 74 minute CD will be a constant companion as you develop your tone, talents and techniques in the context of playing with a band. 


For more than 15 years it has been on Amazon.Com's best selling harp book with over 100 ***** reviews. 

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