Skype Lesson with Jon

30 Minutes Anywhere in the World!

30 Minutes That Can Get You Harping On a Whole New Level.

What Have You Ever Learned Without Real-Time Feedback, Encouragement and Suggestions for Improvement?

Your Lesson Includes a 3 Minute Video Review sent as a SKYPE message.

You can practice for years, and if you are practicing the wrong things the wrong way, you will never improve. You will only be ingraining bad habits.

Books, Cds, and videos are all valuable tools, but nothing beats a mentor who says "That' a good start, but I can still hear a little bit of air hissing around the edges. Try tilting the back of the harp up...Ok, do it again...Good! Much better!"

This is perfect for beginners of all stripes. But hey you intermediates with lousy tone, let's do the hard work together of relearning the instrument together. In five minutes, I can show what you need to do and know. In twenty five minutes we can ingrain it.

My specialty is getting people develop the correct harmonica fundamentals with a goal of developing beautiful tone and bending.  My methods have been developed over years of teaching and hundreds of face to face and phone lessons. Nobody figures this stuff out for themselves. Everybody learns from other people. Problem is: make sure you learn from someone who knows what they are doing.

Everyone who signs up for Jam Camp gets a free SKYPE lesson and I have now given hundreds.

We arrange a time by e-mail. We contact each other. We meet up and I ask you to play and what you want out of the lesson. Then I tell you what I liked about your playing, and  also where there might be room for improvement.

Then we work on it. Just as my books and videos give you specific techniques, so does the SKYPE lesson, but now the techniques come to life. Now, you and I are really on the same team. "Try it this way!   Great!!!"

Do you have Skype on your computer?  Download it here: Please do not set up your SKYPE call with the camera facing into a light or window.

Make your appointment with me by emailing me at

This is going to be fun!





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