Jammin' Tracks by Jon and Ralph

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12 Great Tracks in Classic Grooves

Perfect for Learning to Jam, Exploring Positions

They are good enough to make a part of your show, produced and mastered by the brilliant Ralph Carter.

There is no harmonica on these jam tracks. And they can be the most valuable teaching aid you buy today.

Each track is fodder for you, for your harmonica approach, for practicing getting amplified, for understanding the I-IV-V.

The keys listed are the keys the music is in.

And you will love the sound...

Check out the You Tube Lessons that show you how to use my teaching methods to jam with major and minor grooves in 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions.

Here are the names and keys of the tracks. .


1. Minor Key BB Style, Gmin -- perfect for 2nd position C harp, 3rd Position Lo F

 2. Texas Shuffle: C    2nd position, F harp, 3rd B flat

3. 12/8 blues  E      2nd position A, 3rd D

4.Chicago Shuffle G   2nd position C, 3rd  F

5. Classic Butter Style A , 2nd position D harp, 3rd Position G

6. One Chord Boogie A  2nd position D harp, 3rd Position G

7.Easy Rhumba: G .   2nd position C harp, 3rd Position Lo F

8.  NY to Memphis G   2nd position C harp, 3rd Position Lo F

9. Harp Jive E     2nd position A harp, 3rd position D

10 Easy Swing: G    2nd position C, 3rd lo F

11.Soul Blues E       2nd position A, 3rd position

12. Guava Java G 2nd position, C harp, 3rd low F

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