7 Positions of Diatonic Harmonica CD and Booklet

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This lesson is a complete eye opener for died in the wool cross harpers.

Let Jon take you on a guided, hour-long jam-along tour of the seven different keys in which you can play one diatonic "C" harmonica.

Along with a quick review of 1st and 2nd positions, you'll learn riffs and songs for

3rd position (C harp in the key of D minor),

4th position (C harp in the key of A minor),

5th position, (C harp in the key of E minor),

6th position (C harp in the key of B minor),

and 12th position, (C harp in the key of F.)

This complete harmonica experience is 61 minutes long. With your CD, we will also mail you extra notation and notes relating to this deep, informative and fun lesson.

This is a great lesson for readers of Rock n' Blues Harmonica (see final final chapter "Hubie's Blues,") and also for users of "Bluesify Your Melody, Cross harp Songbook."

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