Blues Harmonica Jam Camp is a 5 Day Vacation "Intensive" designed by master player and instruction author Jon Gindick to move YOU to your next blues harmonica musical and overall musical level.  Since 2002, Jon and his team of coaches have put on over 40 of these events and created hundreds of new or improved harmonica players.

The focus at Blues Harmonica Jam Camp is on you.  We listen to you. We give you feedback. We help you figure what you need to learn, and we give you the tools to learn it.  We jam. We practice. We jam. Over the course 5 days, you get better and better, all the time having a fabulous vacation amidst your new found jamming friends. Because we limited enrollment to about 30 campers, with five or more coaches, we keep a 6 to 1 student/coach ratio, which means individual attention as well as group jams.

Our coaches are the best in the business -- great players and also great people who love to teach.  If you are a beginner we will help you with the basics of harmonica musicality: getting single notes with great tone, bending, chugging, improvisation. Intermediates  will get into 3rd position, harmonica repair, tongue-blocking and overblows. 

Everyone will start singing, writing songs, using all your talents to become more musical.

No matter what your level, you'll get many, many opportunities to jam with guitarists and with our house band, and you will reach your next level. In addition, you'll get to play onstage in Clarksdale, Mississippi's most prestigious blues club, Ground Zero and quite possibly Red's too.

Don't worry: we talk about stage fright, and if it's a problem for you we help you beat it in stages. Becoming a musician means dealing with fears and insecurities. As the days roll
by you will come to crave the excitement of being on stage with a band. It just so much fun!

The camp is on historic grounds  at The Shack Up Inn, and is guaranteed to be the most fun, and funky hotel/motel experience you have ever had. The Shack Up has about 25 bins and shacks, so it is important to sign up as soon as possible, so you can make your reservation.

IMPORTANT: The Shack Up Inn website will say the rooms are booked. They are booked to Jam Camp, so there is probably space.  The two bedroom shacks are for people who will accept "shackmates." Singles and families should book the one bedroom shacks and bins.  The Shack Up Inn will not reserve your room until
you have signed up for Jam Camp.

When you sign up, you are entitled to one free phone consultation/lesson with Jon Gindick. These sessions last about 30 minutes and can greatly increase the value of the camp by helping you prepare. 

The camp is organized to hit you at several levels. 1. Experience: you will play a lot,
and we will listen and give you feedback.  2, Inspiration: our coaches are each great musicians with unique approaches to music.  3. Information:we'll make you harmonica street smart. 4. Feedback: we listen to you, and tell you what you are doing right, and also (gulp) what you need to improve. 5.Community: everybody learns from everybody.

Most travelers fly into Memphis, and arrange to rent a car or take a bus to Clarksdale.  

Jam Camp tries to help drivers find riders. By now, we hope you are convinced that this is the best possible way to learn blues harp and have an adventure in the heart of
America's fabled Blues Country. 

For more info, call Jon at 310-457-8278

New Jam Camp policy: Half off the second person's fee when a bedsharing couple signs up for Jam Camp and EACH wants to learn and play. Non playing spouse still rides free as in the past. 

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