Getting to Jam Camp

Most people who come to Blues Harmonica Jam Camp either drive, or fly into Memphis, Tennessee. From the Memphis Airport, it is an easy ride south to Clarksdale, Mississippi. DRIVE VERY CAREFULLY in Mississippi.

I say this because a camper got in an auto wreck at an earlier camp, and it's easy to see how it happened, with ditches along side the road, and the roads being narrow. In addition, I received a ticket on freeway for speeding at maybe 5 miles over the speed limit. (OK maybe 10). So take it easy.

Also, be sure to go to the Shack Up Inn's website and bring directions, especially if you are coming in at night.  You don't want to get lost and end up at some Crossroads.

Many campers arange to share rides from Memphis to Clarksdale. This can usually be arranged  the Jam Camp Chat Room. and Jon will also send out a group E-mail to help people facilitate travel.

What Harps Should I bring?

Bring your "kit" of harmonicas. If you don't have a complete kit, I would suggest A, C, D, F and G. This will make it more fun to jam. Bring a chromatic in the key of C if you are interested in exploring.  It is not necessary to bring 
your amp, unless you would like to know what the coaches think of it. The same is true of your microphone as
we usually have hand selected mics plugged into good quality amps at our jams.

What About My Guitar?

The focus at Jam Camp is on harmonica, but often guitar players attend and take a lesson from our coaches.
If you would rather not fly with a guitar, you can probably borrow or rent one in Clarksdale.


Bring any recording tools: video cameras, recorders, cameras, pen and paper, both to record the camp and also to record your lessons.

Singing, Harp Repair, Songwriting PLUS Harping

We will  also have harmonica  repair classes, songwriting and singing classes, and guitar lessons.
and hopefully even a dance class!  

Around Town Jamming

Part of the camp is the opportunity to jam in famous blues haunts. We will have the oportunity to jam at Ground Zero Blues Club on Thursday night and even more jamming action on Friday Night. Although the camp ends On Saturday afternoon, many campers end up down at Reds Juke Joint, and often get to get up and jam.

Digging the Delta

I am from California, and even though I have travelled all over the world, I have never been any place quite like 
The Mississippi Delta. When I fly in, I race right through Memphis and drive south to this crazy, historic
mostly agricultural area with it's tiny towns, potholed roads and shacks and shanties mixed with Civil
War architecture. If you have time, it is definitely worth spending a few extra days in the area to
drive The Blues Highway, and also just to relax in a world that seems a little more laid-back, a little friendlier
than what most of us are used to. 

Camp Goal

The overall goal of the camp is that each of us become more excited, more involved, more musical, more determined, more skillful, more expressive, more authentic, more brave, more relaxed, more challenged and more committed, and that we help each other improve.

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