All 2021 Camps Except October Are  Sold Out!!!!!!!

October  12-14, 2021

Jon Gindick's  3- Day June Lake Blues Harmonica Jam Camp Gathering    Taking lessons by day, jamming by night

                         Only 5 campers per camp 1 Camp per month

One of my favorite things in life is to play music in nature.  Join me this summer with small low-key Harmonica Jam Camps in a world of natural wonder.

These three day harp family gatherings will be conducted lakeside in the open air -- yes, outside, on the shores of this beautiful Eastern Sierra Lake, a 6 hour drive north east from Los Angeles.  The altitude is 7500 feet so don't come if you are prone to altitude sickness.

With only 5 campers, and using my cabin porch, and the lakeside beach 35 yards away, it will be easy and natural to make music in a safe way. These camps are scheduled for Tuesdays through Thursdays to make it easier to get accommodations during the peak summer months.

June Lake is known as one of the beautiful and fun mountain paradises in the world. It is a mecca for fisherpeople, boaters, hikers, photographers, bikers, people who love awe-inspiring scenery.

June Lake is on the June Lake Loop in which there are four lakes in a 10 mile drive. Twenty miles away is Mono Lake and if open, Yosemite is an hour away by car.

View of the Location from the Lake

How good do you have to be?

You can be a beginner, but you should be a beginner who is working on it. You are encouraged to take my moderately priced SKYPE lessons to prepare.

During the day I'll teach classes covering tone and improvising.  I will also teach more advanced techniques like positions 1-6 plus 12. Plus singing, songwriting and guitar for those who are interested.

 There will be lessons, instruction and personal feedback during the day but there will also be time off, time to practice, to go for a walk, to enjoy this mountain paradise. Then, at night,we'll gather for jamming and harmonica show and tell. The emphasis will be acoustic bluesy nature music.

 Here the dates I will be holding them: Tuesdays through Thursdays

We will have a Monday Night Howdy-Do at each camp. My refund policy is 100% credit towards any other camp.

Masks: play it by ear. Play it safe.

May 18-20, 2021  Sold out

June 15-17, 2021-Sold Out

SOLD OUT! July 13-15, 2021

July 20-22, 2021--SOLD OUT

August 17-19, SOLD OUT 2021

September 14-16, 2021SOLD OUT

Still have spece for October!

October  12-14, 2021

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.    

This will be a lifetime experience and impossible not to enjoy.

Where Can I Stay?

Lots of places, but plan ahead. The music is on June Lake, so if you stay in the town of June Lake, you can walk to us. Rather expensive and wonderful is Double Eagle Lodge. It's $249 a night during summer, and its about 3 miles from June Lake, nestled under ten thousand foot peaks and a thousand foot waterfall. It has gym, spa, swimming pool, massage and run by nice folk, but you can also get much cheaper. This link should get you started with ideas.

Campgrounds in area 

This  list was copied and pasted from google. My favorite is Gull Lake Campgound. Gull lake and June Lake are an 1/8th of a mile away from each other. Gull Lake will blow your mind. But they are all great. Its also possible you can do "dispersed camping." Do your research.

    • Campground, RV Resort · 25 on TripAdvisor
      June Lake Loop, June Lake, CA · (760) 873-2400
    • Campground · 23 on TripAdvisor
      CA-158, June Lake, CA
    • Campground · 12 on Yelp
      130 June Lake Loop, June Lake, CA · (877) 444-6777
    • Campground, RV Resort · 14 on TripAdvisor
      155 S Crawford Ave, June Lake, CA · (760) 648-7967
    • Lake, Campground · 61 on Yelp
      Boulder Lodge Motel Ent, June Lake, CA · (760) 648-4651
    • Campground · 30 on TripAdvisor
      June Lake Beach Rd, June Lake, CA · (760) 648-7558
    • Marina, Campground · 8 on TripAdvisor
      Grant Lake Rd, June Lake, CA · (760) 648-7964
    • Campground, RV Resort · Open · 2 on TripAdvisor
      98 Gull Lake Rd, June Lake, CA · (760) 648-7473
    • Campground, RV Resort · 14 on TripAdvisor
      1 California St, June Lake, CA · (760) 648-7558
    • Campground, Resort · Open · 25 on TripAdvisor
      120 Big Rock Rd, June Lake, CA · (760) 648-7717
    •  · 6 on TripAdvisor
      CA-158, June Lake, CA
    • Campground · 1 on TripAdvisor
      Mammoth Lakes, CA · (760) 935-4026
      You can also find people with condos and cabins on vrbo.


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