Chugging and Rhythm Workshop Cd Lesson

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 A very important lesso0n that teaches you to breathe rhythmically!

Beginners and up 

Here's 28 minutes that will help you get started with one of my favorite music makin' harp techniques.

Chugging is the term we usually use to decribe fast-sounding rhythmic train music.

Famous chuggers are MadCat Ruth (the best in my opinion), Sonny Terry, Deford Bailey, John Mayall. Chugging uses chords, both draws and blows, and a catchy repitive articulation.

Once you get fairly good at it, you can bring the house down. Most people start with slow pattern that imitates the rhythmic of them old pistons, then build up speed, play a trainwhistle, slow down, build up speed again, stop, and shout "all aboard" again.

Although it sounds fast and difficult, Jon uses instruction, experience, information and inspiration to help you start in on the popular harp style immediately, and then get better and better.

Because it focuses on rhythm and how to turn yourself into a human rhythm machine, this lesson is essential for every body, beginning through intermediate.

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