September 05, 2013

A Whole Bunch of New Free Lessons


New Free Lessons and Songs  

From My Video Harp Club 


I have had some free time this summer, and dedicated myself to the fun of making a fun new harp lessons and songs. If you like this kind of material, join the Video Harp Club, which has this kind of material and a whole lot more not available to the public. It's only $49.95.


In the meantime, here's a sampling of what you'll find. 

Learn Some Classic Blues Songs


Spoonful! with Tab

Here's a harmonica version of the GREAT blues song, "Spoonful." 2nd position, C harp. Core melody tab included. Let's wail! 


Who's Been Talking? with tab

Here's a a great song anyone who bend 2 and 3 draw should have a ball with. Howling wolf just rocks! 


You Gotta Move! with tab

This is one of those blues songs that teaches you the blues. GREAT for harmonica beginners. Grab your harp and lets have some fun! 


Baby Please Don't Go with tab, 3rd position G harp 


Learn Some Easy and Useful Blues Riffs    


Berkeley Blues Riff  4d  4b 3d 4b 3d 2d

This simple riff is so bluesy with no necessary bends. 


6 Blow Down      6b 5d 4b 4b 3d 2d

One of the most powerful 2nd posation riffs on the planet. Learn to use it and abuse it. 


Good Morning Riff  A great riff from the Bottom of Your Harp...  1d 2b 2d


Improve Your Tone,  Single Notes, Vibratto and Bending 


Stop Fighting Your Harp!!!!

In order to get  great tone, to get good at riffs, to bend notes, to make music, you need to stop fighting your harp. First you have to identify the ways you may be fighting the harp (It's so easy to do) and then correct your approach so you and ol harpo are on the same team.   


Shaping Your Airstream for Better Tone and Bending  This lesson is based on the blog below which I sent you a few months ago.  


Start Bending Today! 

Here's 20 minutes that will help you discover how bend holes 2, 3 and 4 draw.


Jamming to Jam Tracks "Harp Jam" Lesson

Jam tracks are wonderful tools for moving from beginning to intermediate. This free you tube lesson shows you how memorizing and internalizing some easy riffs into your muscle memory sets you free to improvise. This jam track is based on "The Thrill is Gone."


Download "Harp Jam"  all 12  Jam Tracks Tracks Here (No Harp,  backing tracks only) 


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Six more day baby!!!!


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Roel Henk Gabaut said:

thanks for all the free lessons! Love your way of teaching and the simplicity that makes playing the harp much easier then i have ever imagined.
With your book and the video’s I have learned so many things in a short period! Keep up the good work Jon.

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